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Benjamin Graham


NYCPA Secretary


Benjamin Graham is a Paralegal and an Energy Professional who has served in various technical roles within the Energy and Mining Industry. His work and recognition led to nomination to a Fellowship program at the United Nations where he worked with seasoned attorneys and had hands-on experience in drafting treaties and international negotiations.

He possesses a strong ability to build sustainable relationships with excellent interpersonal, communication and analytical skills. He has a keen interest in Government and Political Affairs, Corporate Governance, Conflict and Dispute Settlement, Environment and Climate as well as International Relations.

He is currently enrolled in an ABA-approved Paralegal Program at the LIU Brooklyn Campus. In addition, he holds a master’s degree in Applied Geophysics and a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Geoscience. Aside from these, his career objective is to be a full-fledge attorney with a focus on Corporate and Energy Law.

Benjamin is also committed to mentoring LGBTQ+ youth and professionals in addressing the array of social challenges and career development by providing role models that can support them academically and socially. 

In March 2022, Benjamin Graham and Christina Bowe were jointly elected to share the position of Secretary of the New York City Paralegal Association. To get a glimpse into his life and career, check out his LinkedIn Profile.

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