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Richard Lackey

                                    Paralegal / Contract Review Specialist


NYCPA Website Manager



Richard is a Paralegal in Global Markets and Global Loans at Ashurst LLP, a major international law firm headquartered in London. Richard holds a degree and master’s in English law with a focus on corporate law. 

Previously, he worked for 10 years in legal translation and founded Contractually Speaking Ltd, a boutique translation firm set up to provide clear and concise translations of legal documents. He then worked as a contract review specialist at LegalSifter, a U.S. startup focused on making contract review quicker, easier and more standardized. He worked alongside contract language expert Ken Adams (author of A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting) in training algorithms to recognize crucial contract clauses.

He is also the New York Paralegal Associations Inc. Website Manager.

Reach out via LinkedIn to connect.

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