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PLI: Enforcing Wage Claims for Low-Income Workers

  • 11 Sep 2015
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • From the Convenience of Your Office or Home - New York, NY

Enforcing Wage Claims for Low-Income Workers

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State wage and hour laws were a Progressive Era reform that initially met fierce resistance from industry and the United States Supreme Court, most famously in Lochner v. New York, which invalidated New York’s law prescribing maximum working hours for bakery employees. In 1937, however, the Supreme Court narrowly changed its course, upholding Washington State’s minimum wage law by a 5-4 vote in West Coast Hotel Company v. Parrish. This paved the way for enactment of the first federal minimum wage law, the Fair Labor Standards Act, in 1938. 

Today, wage and hour laws are among the most fundamental of worker protections, but violations of these laws are rampant. Low-income workers are particularly vulnerable, and violations of worker protection laws are common in low-wage labor markets. 

Karen Cacace is the Supervising Attorney and Young Woo Lee is a staff attorney at The Legal Aid Society Employment Law Unit. They will give an overview of federal wage and hour laws and the discussion will include: 

  • The legal framework and basics of the wage and hour laws
  • Exceptions and limitations to wage and hour laws
  • Common legal issues, including identifying who is an employer and who is an employee
  • Investigating and litigating wage and hour claims 

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