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ACEDS - Advanced eDiscovery in Office 365

  • 01 Jun 2016
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • webinar

ACEDS - Advanced eDiscovery in Office 365


In December 2015, Microsoft introduced powerful “advanced” eDiscovery tools in Office 365, building and expanding upon the “standard” eDiscovery features available for several years. Today, organizations who have adopted Office 365 can leverage advanced eDiscovery analytics such as predictive coding, near-duping, and email threading much earlier in the typical EDRM workflow when responding to litigation and investigations.

Join Jon Lavinder, Director of Technology Assisted Review at DTI, and John Collins, Director of Information Governance & Office 365 Consulting at DTI, as they review the full spectrum of eDiscovery features currently available in Office 365, with an emphasis on the Advanced eDiscovery tool set.

Topics will include:

·        Review of “standard” eDiscovery features in Office 365 (identification, preservation, collection, and “preview”)

·        Overview of advanced eDiscovery tools available in the market

·        Background on Microsoft’s Equivio, the technology powering Office 365 advanced eDiscovery

·        Review of Office 365’s advanced eDiscovery tools, including:

o Email threading

o Near-duplicate detection

o Predictive coding

Microsoft has recently been marketing and promoting their “E5” license for Office 365 which includes the Advanced eDiscovery tool set. Learn from experts exactly where and how Advanced eDiscovery fits into the bigger picture—and how you can leverage this powerful technology.

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