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Aceds & Evolver "Six Ways to Review, Redact, and Produce Native Excel Files"

  • 19 Jan 2017
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • webinar

Aceds & Evolver "Six Ways to Review, Redact, and Produce Native Excel Files"

XLerator is time-efficient, cost-effective and more accurate than traditional methods AND files are produced in native format.

·         No more Tiffs

·         Reduced Manual Review

·         Automated Redactions of Duplicates

What is XLerator?

XLerator is a web-based tool that reduces the burdensome process of applying manual redactions through deduplication and other automated features and allows the reviewer to not only redact native excels but also produce native excels (no more tiffs).

This innovative legal technology solution provides an efficient alternative to the current industry process of redacting excel files in an image format.

Key features we will demonstrate & discuss:

·         Intuitive User Interface

·         Deduplication during ingestion

·         Automated redactions applied to duplicates

·         Various Types of Automated Redactions

·         Full Cell

·         Targeted

·         Column

·         Inverse

·         Global

·         Global Search

·         Audit History

·         Tagging System

·         Redaction Reason

·         Producing from XLerator

Who uses XLerator?

XLerator is an eDiscovery solution for litigation teams including paralegals, litigation/practice support managers, IP associates, antitrust associates, government contract associates, cost accountants, forensic accountants and, of course litigation attorneys. XLerator can be used to respond to FOIA requests, mergers and acquisitions, third party requirements and other privileged requests

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