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Volunteer for MLK Day (and over opportunities)

  • 15 Jan 2018
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To our members, sponsors and supporters:

The New York City Paralegal Association, Inc. ("NYCPA") has always been dedicated to the advancement of our members and the profession.  We are also committed to the improvement of our city and its communities.  Our national motto is "E Pluribus Unum" meaning "From Many One." What better way to exemplify New York City with its proud history of accepting and providing a refuge for those who seek comfort, succor and opportunity.  New York State's motto is "Excelsior", "Ever Higher." characterizing the aspirations of those who live and work here.  

In recognition of his work and sacrifices, Monday, January 15, 2018 has been designated Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a day of national service.  The NYCPA wishes to not only acknowledge the contributions of its members and sponsors to their neighborhoods but to provide additional chances to serve.  Below are links to community organizations which continually strive to realize the meaning of our national and state mottoes. They serve daily, dedicated to those who work to improve their lives and achieve the dignity they deserve.

The NYCPA invites you to click on the links below and join your fellow members, family and neighbors in realizing "The Dream" today and every day.

Thank you.

William Strachan
NYCPA President



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