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I am a returning member since attending Paralegal School and graduating

14 Jan 2021 4:05 PM | Deleted user

Ms.Maria Friedman  ,the President of NYC-PA,helped me in 2016 with my resume in very,very great detail to secure an interview ,breakfast interview,with a HR Director from Louis Vitton Legal.

My Paralegal Dean at Queens Plaza College- originally from New York Career Institute- Dean Lazarus recommended me to NYC-PA.

I am interested in securing P/T volunteer work to retrain my skills to a professional level.For example,Disability Rights Advocacy, DRA or such.

After studying the LSAT and visiting law schools for 6 years via and obtaining almost 8 recommendations letters for law school-I wanted to be a Public Defender Disabiity Attorney for children and youth and young adults-I can adamantly admit proudly I am a Paralegal by trade. That is satisfying enough.


Garth Harding


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