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Why Join a Paralegal Association?

By Holly A. Sheriff, MSLS, NYCPA President

The Advantage is Clear

Are you passionate about the legal profession? Do you love working as a paralegal? Do you have ideas rolling around in your head about improving workflow methods? Do you have questions about the unauthorized practice of law ("UPL") or ethics?  Do you want to expand your knowledge about a particular area of practice? Are you a student struggling to break into the paralegal field?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of the questions above, the leadership team of the New York City Paralegal Association ("NYCPA") invites you to join us!

What's in it for You?

Paralegal Associations exist to enhance and promote their members, sponsors, and allies' academic and professional success. Their main goal is to align like-minded individuals with influencers and opportunities to help each other engage, connect, and achieve common goals. Generally, Paralegal Associations are a great wealth of crowdsourcing to help members, sponsors, and allies succeed today and tomorrow.

Your Voice

Paralegal Associations are a safe space for members to discuss professional development, work cultures, court rules, and other legal industry changes. Through a framework built for success and on-going professional development, Associations help many students, professionals, and social contacts maintain an open dialog regarding the legal industry's issues and objectives. This collective voice is what most members find beneficial for elevating their knowledge, expertise, and volunteering efforts.

There are many ways your voice can be heard as a member of the NYCPA. We offer monthly connection events such as Townhalls, Board Meetings, a Facebook group, a book/movie club, besides CLEs and work-life balance events. The Townhall meetings and the Book Club are inspiring because they are free meetings, which give members and nonmembers a chance to network, learn, and connect.

Are you looking for a unique way to be a part of the NYCPA? As a member, you can join a variety of committees on the board to lead your fellow paralegals to success and support causes important to you. The committees are:

  • CLE
  • Communication
  • Empire State Alliance of Paralegal Associations
  • Events
  • Finance
  • Job Bank
  • Membership
  • Mentor Program
  • Paralegal School Liaison
  • Pro Bono
  • Scholarship
  • Website & Social Media
  • Professional Development


One of the most critical aspects of an association's membership is networking. Connecting with people and influencers in your industry is a key benefit. Many Associations can bring people together who otherwise could not connect.

Establishing lifelong connections, both online and offline, paralegals and other legal professionals can discuss the issues and topics that influence their work and personal lives. This is priceless in a fast-paced competitive industry.

Continuing Legal Education and Training

One of the primary perks of members is valuable in continuing legal education offerings and opportunities for their members. These offerings are often the most affordable way to expand your knowledge and expertise into different areas. Association-sponsored events aim to meet the continuing education credit requirements set by most accrediting boards within the industry. Learn from your peers! Peer-to-peer fellowship with a twist of fun, laughter, and education. It is a win-win combination.

Exclusive Member's Only Perks

As the paralegal community's voice in New York City, we work with legal professionals locally and nationally on important issues to the paralegal industry. With so many specialties in the legal profession, the NYCPA, we survey members quarterly to learn what issues our members care about most. It is through the surveys we can offer our members exclusive perks such as:

  • A Mentoring Program
  • Discounts on professional development software
  • Discounts on wellness products
  • Job Bank: Find Your Dream Job
  • Monthly Townhall gatherings via Zoom
  • Tailored resources to help members build credibility by taking on leadership roles.

It is imperative that members respond to quarterly and annual surveys to ensure the Association finds products and services aligning with its members' goals and ambitions.

That's it in a nutshell. The advantage is clear – if you are passionate about the legal profession; we want you to join us! Take the next step: Check out Membership Options


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