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06 Jan 2022 10:15 PM | Mariana Fradman (Administrator)


BY: Nikky Brown

Knowing your worth requires you to believe in who you are, your skills and abilities and to know with absolute surety that you are very capable of doing all it is that you say you can do. This is extremely important, especially in the workplace. I find that a lot of employers will know that they have an all-star employee on their hands but will still try to convince them to take less, and if they are successful, that’s a win for them. They get to keep costs low while also scoring an all-star employee. But, you have the power to stop this from happening by simply knowing your worth, bossing up and applying pressure. When you go for a job interview and you are totally killing it, they love you and want to hire you right on the spot do not let this excitement cloud your judgement, especially when salary is being discussed. They know you are good, otherwise they wouldn’t want to hire you right on the spot. Use this to your advantage. Don’t ever be afraid to negotiate. If they want you as bad as they say they do, they will work something out to where all parties are happy. Also, don’t ever be afraid to walk away if what you are asking for seems like too much to them. I have been in situations where I walked away from an offer that I felt did not commensurate with my experience. Weeks later, I get a call back from them asking me if I was still looking. They also offered me my original salary requirement, yes the one they felt was too much the first time around. Stand firm, you know all that you bring to the table. Do not let anyone mark down your worth. Remember, you know all that you are capable of and the right job for you will be able to see that and compensate you accordingly.


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