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Looking for a paralegal job

03 Feb 2022 11:30 AM | Manzoor Ahmed

I am a recent graduate from Berkeley College, where I completed the Associate's Degree with Legal Studies as the Major. 

I am looking for a job in the legal fields so that I can gather some experience as a paralegal. As a raw graduate, without any relevant experience there is hardly any possibility to get into any bread earning job.

I need a mentor to help me find something substantial so that I can get some food on the table for me and my family.

Would be grateful, if someone can stand by my side and help me stand up straight in my legal field and walk through the future successfully.

Appreciate any help and assistance.


  • 10 Feb 2022 11:50 PM | Mariana Fradman (Administrator)
    Dear Manzoor,

    Congratulations on your graduation! Let's look at your resume first. Feel free to send it to If you have a draft of a cover letter, send it along as well. I will review them and get back to you with comments, if any.

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